Game of The Year
For outstanding achievement in a game that revolutionises the genre, shows exceeding excellence across categories and stands as a testament to what incredible games the Australian Games Industry can produce.

Excellence in Art
For outstanding achievement in the field of Art through taking the medium to a new and interesting style, unique creations, and/or through breath-taking visuals.

Excellence in Gameplay
For outstanding achievement in the field of Gameplay through high quality design, engaging and innovated gameplay.

Excellence in Narrative
For outstanding achievement in the field of Narrative design, innovation, and creative intrigue with the game narrative.

Excellence in Sound Design
For outstanding achievement in the field of sound design, audio engineering and voice acting.

Excellence in Music
For outstanding achievement in the field of music, composition and musical tone.

Excellence in Technical Design
For outstanding achievement in the field of Technical design, programmatic excellence, innovation, and consistency with the games technical structure.

Excellence in Accessibility
For outstanding achievement in the field of Accessibility, in impact, inclusion and a reminder that gaming is for all.

Excellence in Mobile Games
For outstanding achievement in the field of Mobile gaming for engaging, innovative and immersive use of the technology and genre.

Excellence in Serious Games (Applied/Impactful)
For outstanding achievement in the creation of games that are designed to educate, transform and promote behaviour and/or attitude change.

Excellence In Ongoing Games (Games as a Service)
For outstanding achievement in the field of Games as a Service, recognising the importance of maintaining high quality design whilst working with your community and welcoming new players onboard to a living product.

Excellence in Emerging Games (Student or Early Career)
For outstanding achievement from emerging teams new to the industry who have created a game outstanding in concept, expectations, and achievements.



Studio of The Year
The Studio of the Year of the award honours a studio that stands as a testament of what an Australian Studio can be.

This studio demonstrates outstanding excellence in impressive business operations and policies, incredible products, amazing projects and creating opportunities for the Australian games industry.

The Adam Lancman Award
The Adam Lancman Award (excellence in the industry) honours an individual or individuals who have helped the game industry advance to a better place, either through facilitating a better game community from within, or by reaching outside the industry to advocate for video games.

To learn more about Adam, his life and contribution to the Australian games industry, click here.

The Ambition Award
Each year we would like to provide an award that is intricately linked to the GCAP theme. This year’s award, Ambition, is for an individual or individuals within the industry who have gone beyond the traditional confines of their role and exceeded expectations within their studios, communities and/or with the creative mediums they have developed.



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