How Your Game Is Judged:

IGEA believes in an open and transparent judging process for the AGDAs, and as such has committed to making it publicly known how the judging process works.

All winners will be selected by the Judging Committee based on submissions received during the nomination period. The Judging Committee is comprised of external experts, with a strong knowledge of both games and the game development industry.

Games will be judged by the expert committee using the publicly available Judging Assessment Criteria.

Games applications must meet the Eligibility Criteria.

The Judging Committee members are not paid for their contribution and will abstain from any votes in the event that a conflict of interest arises.  The Judging Committee are bound by the following policies to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and that all entries are assessed fairly.

  • The Judging Committee must declare all conflicts of interest in advance of the judging process, If at any time, a previously undeclared conflict of interest arises with a game they have been given, they must opt out of judging that game and their game will be passed on to another judge.
  • All games are judged by at least 5 people.
  • If a judge has submitted their own game, they are not eligible to judge their own submission or submission for their studio.

Decisions of the Judging Committee are final and no further correspondence will be entered into once judging is complete.

Finalists will be notified via email and publicly at least two weeks in advance of the AGDAs ceremony.

For any questions about the awards or judging process, please contact agdas@igea.net

Please note that The AGDAs is a competition based purely on skill, no chance plays a part in the judging process.


How The Career & Culture Awards are Judged:

IGEA and their Board review all Career & Culture award submissions to determine the winners.

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