The AGDAs 2020 Ceremony

Adam Lancman: Dr Jane Turner

Rising Star: Meredith Hall & Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol

Game Connect: Ella Macintyre

Studio of the Year:  League of Geeks

Game of the Year: Moving Out, (SMG Studio)

Best Art: Necrobarista, (Route 59)

Best AR/VR: Shooty Skies Overdrive, (Mighty Games Group)

Best Sound: Audioplay: Alien Strike, (Audioplay)

Best Music: RITE, (Pond Games)

Best Serious Game: Kana Quest, (Not Dead Design)

Best Narrative: UNDER A STAR CALLED SUN, (Cécile Richard)

Best Gameplay: Boomerang Fu, (Cranky Watermelon)

Best Mobile Game: Crossy Road Castle, (Hipster Whale)

Best Ongoing Game (Game as a Service): World of Tanks, (Wargaming Sydney)

Best Emerging Game: RITE, (Pond Games)

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